Code 914

rcpt03-11.gifTodd Barry makes a lot of demands when he orders Thai food, but he's courteous enough to make them in Thai code. Check out this receipt for Todd's recent order of Pad Thai. First,he doesn't want bean sprouts. The code for "NO bean sprouts" is 914. He wants it "very spicy" code 904. Todd is even picky about his "Exotic Green Salad." Code 914 again: NO bean sprouts. Todd hopes you'll use these codes when you order Thai food.

The way to go...

rcpt03-5.gifYes, that was Todd Barry you saw riding New Jersey transit to Princeton.

Small Charges

rcpt03-10.gifIf you're like Todd, you love using credit cards to charge really small amounts. Check out these three receipts. One for "Great American Bagel" for $1.82; another for the post office for $2.98, and a third from the Charlotte Airport for a bottle of water and a USA Today for $2.65. The total for all THREE charges: $7.45. Some places have a minimum charge of $15.00. Todd Barry is awesome!

Handyman Todd

rcpt03-9.gifTodd had to do some spackling recently. Did he buy some newfangled spackling gadget? No. He merely bought some old-fashioned spackling putty and a spackling knife. What did he need to spackle? Wouldn't you like to know?

Le way to go...

Yes, that was Todd Barry you saw riding the Metro in Paris.

It's not about me. It's about Mona.

rcpt03-7.gifTodd checked his ego at the door when he vistited the Louvre. He knew that most of the people were there to see the Mona Lisa. "I understand," said Todd, "This is really her turf."

Is Todd Barry cheap?!

Todd recently enjoyed a little post show dinner at a place called Coffee Shop. Let's check out the tip. TWO DOLLARS on a $53.01 CHECK? Let's do the math:
2 รท 53.01 = A 3.772873043% TIP?!! HUH? THAT'S AWFUL!!! WHAT GIVES? Oh wait, look at the fine print on the bottom of the receipt : "AFTER MIDNIGHT 17.5% GRATUITY INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE TOTAL." Holy crap! Since the receipt clearly shows that Todd dined at 12:36 A.M., that means he slapped an extra two bucks on an already substantial 17.5% TIP! He tipped on top of the tip! THIS GUY IS AWESOME!

Just like you. . . (pt . 1)

Todd is in show business, but he's still a human being. To hammer that point home, check out this receipt from Duane Reade drug store. It looks like Todd purchased Raid Roach traps (to kill roaches) and three rolls of Soft Weve toilet paper (for house guests).

Just like you. . . (pt . 2)

rcpt03-4.gifIn case you weren't convinced by part 1, here's a Rite-Aid receipt. Todd purchased Brawny Paper Towel (for spills), Pert Plus Dandruff Shampoo (for Dandruff), and Rogaine (to help him grow hair to get dandruff with).

I Was in Idaho but I Left a Texas Sized Tip

rcpt03-2.gifTodd recently performed in Boise, Idaho. After the show, he wound down with a few drinks at a groovy bar called Neurolux. Well, the waitress must have felt groovy after Todd left a 3 dollar tip on a 7.50 check.
Let's crunch the numbers : 3 divided by 7.5 = .4 or, in laymen's terms: A 40% TIP! Holy Tater Tots, that's generous!

Give me Le Pepsi

rcpt03-1.gifTodd recently took his first trip to Paris. On the way back, he bought a Pepsi Max (French Diet Pepsi) at the Charles De Gaulle airport. Just sit back and imagine Todd Barry, sitting alone at the Charles DeGaulle airport, sipping a Diet Pepsi. It doesn't get much cuter than that.