Dutch Hamburger Fiasco

rcpt04-12.gifIn America, there's no such thing as a free lunch. In Amsterdam, there's no such thing as free ketchup, either. These receipts are from the McDonald's at the Amsterdam Airport.

Out of Site Chili Order

rcpt04-11.gifPlanning on inviting Todd over for chili? Well, this Cincinnati receipt shows how Todd likes it: "way on!"

Todd B. Meets Todd T.

rcpt04-10.gifLook who served Todd B. at this Chicago Mongolian Barbecue. A man named Todd T. If Todd T knew he was serving Todd B, he would've jumped up and down like a silly giraffe.

Unobtrusive Todd

rcpt04-9.gifWhat's so special about this receipt? Look at what it says next to "Check ID." It says "Tiny Table." Todd has a big heart (among other things, LADIES!!!!!!) but the rest of him doesn't take up that much room.

On the Chinese Food Run

rcpt04-8.gifHere's a receipt from a rare home-delivery order for Chinese food. Look what it says by "Pay By." Right next to it, it says "pending." Don't worry people, Todd has since paid off his order of string beans.

Rogaine and Jellybeans

rcpt04-7.gifNo, that's not the title of a revealing biography of a former sitcom star. It's the purchase Todd made at a recent trip to a New York Rite-Aid.

The Art of Salad

rcpt04-6.gifImagine walking by a salad restaurant at 4:50 PM and seeing Todd Barry...eating alone. You would scream like a little teenaged hamster! You'd also wonder what was on his "salad palette."Well check out this simple assortment of vegetables (not "veggies").

Pickle Confusion

rcpt04-5.gifTodd must have driven someone batty with his request for regular pickles, yet, no pickles, at an airport Burger King.

Flavor Assault

rcpt04-4.gifTodd's taste buds must've hit the roof when he sampled some of those goods he bought at this curiously named Austin supermarket. Look at all those flavors: lemon, raspberry, hot n' spicy, and the a hodgepodge of mixed fruit!

Alaska Impulse Buy

rcpt04-3.gif Todd popped into this Alaska store intending to buy only toothpaste and shampoo. But then he figured he should buy something indigenous to the culture, so he dropped an extra $6.50 for the entire arctic circle! That's Alaskawesome!

I Don't Need a Boost

rcpt04-2.gifWhen Todd ordered a Jamba Juice at the San Francisco airport, he declined an additional "boost." Todd has plenty of energy already. Giving him an extra "boost" is like putting out fire with gasoline.

Cupcake Date

rcpt04-1.gif Imagine seeing Todd sitting in a downtown diner with a young woman. What are they eating? Just two cupcakes, a cup of herbal tea, and a glass of milk! Don't you wish you were the woman who ate cupcakes with Todd? You would be the happiest woman on God's green earth.

November 9 - 12

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