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Thank You For Coming to Hattiesburg

One Comedian’s Tour of Not-The-Biggest-Cities in the world.

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Todd Barry: The Crowd Work Tour

Todd Barry: The Crowd Work Tour album art

A Todd Barry show consists of two things: amazing jokes and amazing crowd work. In September 2013, he went on a tour without the amazing jokes and did entire shows of riffing and bantering with the audience. Filmed in seven west coast cities. Directed by Lance Bangs.
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Super Crazy

Super Crazy album art

Now available as a $5 download from Comedy Central Direct!

This is Todd’s fourth album. Recorded live in NYC!

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From Heaven

From Heaven album art

Todd’s third album! Recorded live in Cambridge, MA.

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Falling Off The Bone CD/DVD

Falling Off The Bone album art

Todd’s second album comes with a bonus DVD of his first Comedy Central Presents special, and informative short documentary.

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Medium Energy

Medium Energy album art

Todd’s debut CD, 50 creamy/dreamy minutes of Todd recorded in NYC. Recently reissued on Comedy Central Records.

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